Ron Berry

So Long, Hector Bebb (1970 & 2006)

The setting is Wales. In the day-time Hector Bebb drives a brewery lorry, but he's out early each morning for roadwork and every evening he trains for the big fight in the gym above the White Hart. Abe would have his boxers function as single-minded, sexless fighting machines.

Hector has everything to make a world-beater, but his disillusioned wife, Millie, suffers frantic consequences, and when Hector returns home after winning the big fight he meets bigger trouble - the cross-roads of his life. Told by a series of interior monologues, the fourteen characters involved in this novel give a vivid and loving picture of the boxing world.

Published: Macmillan and Co Ltd. (1970)
Published: Parthian (2006)

So Long, Hector Bebb
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