Ron Berry

Peregrine Watching (1987)

This is the first book of its kind, a distinctly personal account of watching peregrines at eyries in South Wales. Peregrine falcons stir the imagination of town and country citizens who would not otherwise glance twice at a spider running its web. Ron Berry reveals landscapes, weather, seasons; he reveals himself as a witness of wild raptors in time and place. His impressions are original, his opinions minted insights into the fashionable, jargon-loaded debate about man in relation to his environment.

Peregrine Watching has moments of native ecstasy, of anger and well-being, contrasting with a particular incisive debunking of our historically destructive, possessive, blinkered attitude towards birds of prey. Impatient with the romanticised guff attached to conservation, and the continuing desecration of Welsh mountains, Ron Berry gives proof of his obsessive patience as a peregrine watcher.

Published: Gomer Press (1987)

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